Stoke Mill STORE has been added to the Michelin Guide

STORE In Michelin Guide

We are humbled and delighted to have been listed in the Michelin Guide. What an achievement and thank you to Michelin.

“A restaurant within a restaurant (Stoke Mill), this intimate spot was where the mustard seed used to be stored before being made into the famous Colman’s Mustard. Two personable chefs prepare and serve a multi-course tasting menu to just five tables of guests, which makes for an engaging yet relaxed dining experience. Ingredients from their own garden are used alongside prime produce from around the UK in modern, globally influenced dishes.”

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Quality Food from Stoke Mill STORE – now in the Michelin Guide

Chef Liam Nichols started his career at the Wildebeest Arms in this very same village and has since worked in some impressive kitchens. Located within Stoke Mill, Store offers an intimate, personal dining experience – and the friendly chefs are a big part of what makes it so special.

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EDP ARTICLE STORE Restaurant at Stoke Mill added to The Michelin Guide